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Dan KaufmanSince the age of six Daniel Kaufman has been outdoors exploring the world and getting in tune with mother nature. No matter the weather, Daniel and his family would find themselves outdoors either hiking, skiing, and even just enjoying the great outdoors growing up in Massachusetts.

Like many children growing up Daniel looked up to his father and would cherish every second they spent together. His father was and still is an avid skier and was able to teach Daniel how to ski from the young age of 6. Frequent trips up to Killington ski resort and other mountains in the northeast were common weekend activities for Daniel and his family. Even though skiing is one of his favorite outdoor activities, he also loves to hike and be one with nature. It has been a tradition every year for Daniel and his father to head to Mount Washington, the largest mountain east of the Mississippi River. Ever since he he could remember, Dan and his father would hike the 3½ trail to the peak and take in the majestic view. Spending this time with his father was important because the lessons he learned to respect mother nature and as Daniel explained, “The times I spent outdoors with my father and experiencing parts of mother nature that many people will never see were some of the best times of my life.”

The time spent outdoors as a youth shaped Kaufman to the man he is today. To this very day Daniel enjoys the simple things in life such as agriculture, biking, running, surfing and taking in all the sunlight possible! He still also enjoys to ski and partake on his yearly hiking trip to Mount Washington with his father.

Even though Daniel left the serenity of New England for the concrete jungle, New York City, he did not lose his love for the great outdoors. While in New York City, Daniel embraced the nature the city provided. Rather than shopping at his local grocer for produce, he took it upon himself to start an urban agricultural environment on the rooftop of his own residential building! Not only was Daniel an avid outdoor sportsman, he was environmentally friendly by sustaining his own garden full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Besides harvesting in his garden, Daniel enjoys exploring the vast concrete jungle by staying active running and biking in the parks around the city. His favorite activities include biking in Prospect Park to jogging in Central Park. He also took part in the New York City Marathon and plans to run again in the near future! When Daniel needs a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, he explores various parts of the world taking part in one of his new favorite outdoor activities, surfing.

During his days living in the Bay Area of California, Daniel picked up surfing and has been traveling the globe looking to catch his next wave. He has traveled to Hawaii, Sumatra, and California to experience the different surfing experiences. His most exhilarating surf story came while surfing in Sumatra. He explained, “Surfing in Sumatra is a completely different experience. You must take a boat out to the middle of the surf and catch the waves in the ocean, there are no beach breaks. You also have to watch out for sharks, it’s their home and we’re intruding. Even though swimming along side with sharks gave me goosebumps, it was one of the most exciting moments of my life.”

Daniel is always looking for the next adventure and adrenaline rush which comes from being outdoors. Until then, he will continue to do what he loves, spend time with his family, continue traditions, and travel the world.

New York City

Daniel Kaufman has been in the greater New York City area for over twenty years. Brooklyn, NY has a special place in this heart, this is where he currently lives and where he started his company, Brooklyn Labs in 2013. He enjoys the greenery New York City and Brooklyn specifically, he often runs in marathons across the city and enjoys his local parks, in particular, Prospect Park. Daniel is also known in New York as an advocate for helping his local community prosper 


Besides founding a successful technology company, Daniel gives back to the community in many ways. One city which is dear to his heart is Detroit. Throughout his career, Daniel found himself working in Detroit and grew to love the city. While there, he could not fathom the poverty and housing systems in place. He decided he wanted to help the city out which molded him in a technology success he is today by helping build housing for working Detroit citizens. He teamed up with Building Detroit and still continues to travel between New York and Detroit to help build and restore houses.


Besides working and helping out his local communities, Daniel is an avid skier. He has traveled across the country to mountains with fresh powder looking to shred up the slopes. His personal favorite mountain is Killington Ski Resort in Vermont based on all the family trips he and his dad have taken up here. Besides Killington he enjoys, Mt. Snow, Stowe, Smugglers Notch to name a few. 


Daniel not only enjoys to shred the slopes, he tears up the waves as well. He had learned surfing ever since his college days, and has been traveling the world ever since looking to catch the next big wave. Daniel has surfed in the Pacific Northwest, California, Hawaii, and hopes to visit the mecca of surfing, Hawaii. Even though some of the surf locations have been dangerous, those have been the most thrilling for Daniel. He hopes to continue traveling in the near future to find new surf spots.

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