Earlier this month Killington Ski Resort launched their annual Spring Celebration Kickoff with fresh snow and a variety of foods for the whole family. The so called Nor’Beaster is expected to bring out large crowds for the seven weeks of activities planned for the event. With the push to make 20-30 feet of fresh snow expected to last up through May, Killington is the first ski resort in the East coast to offer snow from the Autumn to early Summer. The seven week event is constructed for various reasons. To celebrate the end of another successful snow season in the Winter, as well raise money for charities by hosting different events over the two month span.

The first event which took place the weekend of March 14-15 included the following, “A cookout lunch will be available for all competitors and a live DJ will be part of the action. Saturday’s event is open to all snowboarders. Riders will be rewarded for picking the best lines and nailing the best tricks on rock jibs, log rides, rainbow trees and jibbable buildings.” All runs and events close off with a traditional Vermont style dinner in which all proceeds go to a cancer fund.

Skiers and snowboarders who do not have a season pass to Killington can purchase one now for a low rate of $199 for the remainder of the season. The seven weeks will offer activities for the whole family including unlimited skiing and snowboarding, Easter Egg Hunt for the children, live entertainment, and all the food that can be consumed!

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