The city of Detroit is one which Daniel Kaufman holds very dear to his heart, he had lived there for a great deal of his life working at various companies. More importantly, Daniel saw the injustice in hard working middle class folks having to pay such high costs on homes. Rather then sitting around and letting this happen, Kaufman, his company Brooklyn Labs teamed up with the Detroit Land Bank. logo

Daniel ventures out to Detroit around once a month to purchase foreclosed homes and teams up with Detroit Land Bank to restore, renovate and place credible, hard working middle class citizens into these homes.

Detroit Land Bank is a public authority which is hoping to develop communities in Detroit, which is a perfect partnership for Daniel. He explained, “Working with an organization as wonderful as Detroit Land Bank has been a blessing for myself as well as the city of Detroit. With them, it would be tough to create new opportunities for the up and coming economy Detroit has to offer.” These projects are so important for Daniel that he will be opening an office, an extension of Brooklyn Labs in the city of Detroit. The goal of this office is to provide new and exciting jobs for the citizens of the city while being closer and more involved in the efforts to help the Detroit Land Bank.

Daniel believes this initiative is the beginning for the city of Detroit and that it can go back to being one of the major cities of the country. For more on how Daniel will be helping out, please visit his official website.